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Helping you to scale up

Common Code's shared talent service to help other SMEs and tech startups build their tech teams.

We're not recruiters. We don't profit off of obscuring clients from candidates. We're here to help companies run a great candidate focused hiring process, enable hiring managers to get back time every week, and hire diverse tech talent.

Each of our engagements can be slightly different, but we operate on a flat monthly fee. We leverage our technical expertise from our tech team members at Common Code to conduct tech challenges or even run technical interviews by two people of different genders to ensure this gives our clients back their time to do their job, rather than spending their entire week running a hiring process.

Cost Transparency: We engage on flat monthly fees for doing the work.

Technical Expertise: We use and leverage our internal developers, product managers and designers where appropriate.

Strategic Partnership: We leverage our expertise, community, and brand we've built over the past decade as an employer of tech talent. We practice what we preach at Common Code and share learnings about what currently works and what doesn't, especially now with such a quickly evolving tech talent market.

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High quality development teams are ready to help

We are a team of software engineers and product managers experienced in Agile software development. The best way to figure out how we can help you to achieve your goals is to get in touch. We tailor all our engagements to your needs. However, here's a brief overview of some of the different ways we can help.


Have an idea that you’d like to explore? Or need some advice on how to move forward with your idea, and which technologies to use? We can provide guidance on all aspects of software delivery. Book in a workshop with our experienced team. We will create a workshop tailored to your needs and produce artefacts covering everything discussed, plus our recommendations.

Provide a team

Are you ready to get your product to market? We are ready to help you. We will provide a technical team experienced in agile software development and help you to find your way to market. That means agile development practices focused on fast delivery of small increments and lots of testing and learning. Whether you’re a start up, scaling up or an established business, we can help to build or improve your codebase.

Team Augmentation

There’s never been a more difficult time to hire talented software engineers and product specialists. So while you’re finding the perfect person to join your team, Common Code can provide you with highly capable people to bolster your existing team and help you to keep things moving at a good pace.

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Discover and define opportunities for innovation.

Over the last 10 years we've helped hundreds of businesses turn great ideas into effective implementations. We've learned that it is not always obvious from within a business where new technology could be applied to get better results-- and even when it is, it’s not always clear what steps need to be taken to get there.

At Common Code we are in the business of building successful products and businesses, be it inside established enterprises looking to innovate internally or with startups looking to find their way.

Through our UNEARTH offering, we aim to identify key opportunities within your business, industry or problem-area to leverage the latest technologies (both bespoke, and off the shelf) to dramatically improve your outcomes. Once identified we then draw on our varied experience and network to detail realistic and well defined paths for making them a reality.

Understanding & Identification: We engage with stakeholders in your business to understand how they operate & where they have problems (waste time, deal with lots of errors) etc.

Research & Ideation: We explore how other players in the market solve the same problem, what solutions are available over the counter and compare this to what could be achieved. We also explore how any solution would fit into the existing technology mix already inside the organisation such that any recommendations made will be easily compatible with current systems / cause minimal disruption to the business.

Planning: We detail how the identified problems might best be solved with a mix of technologies (including those available on the market as well as bespoke development), how long it would take to implement into the business, the risks involved in the project and how much it would cost such that the business can plan and execute on it as it suits.

For any targeted problem Common Code will always look to raise solutions that maximise the possible benefits whilst simplifying the implementation and minimise the transition effort.

Given these objectives the number of problems to solve, the areas of the business that we tackle and the depth to which each one is explored are completely driven by discussions with you and your stakeholders. UNEARTH engagements are all about leveraging the expertise of senior technical and product team members with a range of backgrounds and experience and as such can scale up and down to suit your requirements.

Chat to us about how our UNEARTH engagement could help identify opportunities within your business.

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Our five-day digital transformation for brick-and-mortar retailers.

Today’s world brings unique challenges to retailers. It's never been more difficult to get your products in front of the customers that need them. At the same time, while the government and wider community pulls together to support local businesses and help them survive, there is an opportunity for businesses to position themselves to thrive in the months and years to come.

Through the services outlined in this document we work with you and your team to uplift your brick and mortar business in order to get you online, engage the right customers immediately, and establish new sales channels and processes that will stabilise your business today, and position you to thrive going forward. This is done through an intensive five-day program of consulting, education and implementation activities with experts in the digital transformation field.

Since day one Retail and E-commerce have been at the core of Common Code’s DNA. From our first clients (like Kogan or Cotton On) to more recent alumni (like Aesop, Bared Footwear or Good on You), we’ve been at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership in the Australian retail space.

Our ultimate objective when working with you through the CATAPULT program is within 5 days to get you into a position where your business can execute effectively as an e-commerce retailer.

The CATAPULT process can broadly be broken down into three steps:

  1. Analysis & Approach: In which we seek to understand your business as it has been running up until now and leverage our knowledge base to identify an appropriate technology and marketing mix.
  2. Implementation: In which we provide technical resources to work through the setup and configuration of storefronts, social channels and other related software so you’re ready to execute effectively and immediately.
  3. Education: In which we upskill you and your core business team on how all of the different parts of the e-commerce experience function and provide tips and tricks as to how to hit the ground running.

These steps will happen across 5 days requiring a reasonable amount of engagement from yourself and your team.

At the conclusion of the CATAPULT program you’ll be up and running with a configured web presence and ordering pipeline, and an advertising / marketing strategy ready to execute on. You’ll also be added to the CATAPULT alumni slack channel where you’ll be able to share your experience and continue to ask questions as you continue to grow your business moving forward.

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