Discover and define opportunities for innovation.

Over the last 10 years we've helped hundreds of businesses turn great ideas into effective implementations. We've learned that it is not always obvious from within a business where new technology could be applied to get better results-- and even when it is, it’s not always clear what steps need to be taken to get there.

At Common Code we are in the business of building successful products and businesses, be it inside established enterprises looking to innovate internally or with startups looking to find their way.

Through our UNEARTH offering, we aim to identify key opportunities within your business, industry or problem-area to leverage the latest technologies (both bespoke, and off the shelf) to dramatically improve your outcomes. Once identified we then draw on our varied experience and network to detail realistic and well defined paths for making them a reality.

Understanding & Identification: We engage with stakeholders in your business to understand how they operate & where they have problems (waste time, deal with lots of errors) etc.

Research & Ideation: We explore how other players in the market solve the same problem, what solutions are available over the counter and compare this to what could be achieved. We also explore how any solution would fit into the existing technology mix already inside the organisation such that any recommendations made will be easily compatible with current systems / cause minimal disruption to the business.

Planning: We detail how the identified problems might best be solved with a mix of technologies (including those available on the market as well as bespoke development), how long it would take to implement into the business, the risks involved in the project and how much it would cost such that the business can plan and execute on it as it suits.

For any targeted problem Common Code will always look to raise solutions that maximise the possible benefits whilst simplifying the implementation and minimise the transition effort.

Given these objectives the number of problems to solve, the areas of the business that we tackle and the depth to which each one is explored are completely driven by discussions with you and your stakeholders. UNEARTH engagements are all about leveraging the expertise of senior technical and product team members with a range of backgrounds and experience and as such can scale up and down to suit your requirements.

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