Our five-day digital transformation for brick-and-mortar retailers.

Today’s world brings unique challenges to retailers. It's never been more difficult to get your products in front of the customers that need them. At the same time, while the government and wider community pulls together to support local businesses and help them survive, there is an opportunity for businesses to position themselves to thrive in the months and years to come.

Through the services outlined in this document we work with you and your team to uplift your brick and mortar business in order to get you online, engage the right customers immediately, and establish new sales channels and processes that will stabilise your business today, and position you to thrive going forward. This is done through an intensive five-day program of consulting, education and implementation activities with experts in the digital transformation field.

Since day one Retail and E-commerce have been at the core of Common Code’s DNA. From our first clients (like Kogan or Cotton On) to more recent alumni (like Aesop, Bared Footwear or Good on You), we’ve been at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership in the Australian retail space.

Our ultimate objective when working with you through the CATAPULT program is within 5 days to get you into a position where your business can execute effectively as an e-commerce retailer.

The CATAPULT process can broadly be broken down into three steps:

  1. Analysis & Approach: In which we seek to understand your business as it has been running up until now and leverage our knowledge base to identify an appropriate technology and marketing mix.
  2. Implementation: In which we provide technical resources to work through the setup and configuration of storefronts, social channels and other related software so you’re ready to execute effectively and immediately.
  3. Education: In which we upskill you and your core business team on how all of the different parts of the e-commerce experience function and provide tips and tricks as to how to hit the ground running.

These steps will happen across 5 days requiring a reasonable amount of engagement from yourself and your team.

At the conclusion of the CATAPULT program you’ll be up and running with a configured web presence and ordering pipeline, and an advertising / marketing strategy ready to execute on. You’ll also be added to the CATAPULT alumni slack channel where you’ll be able to share your experience and continue to ask questions as you continue to grow your business moving forward.

We've done this before and we're ready to go! Lets chat about where to start.