23 Apr, 2020Cameron Neilless than a minute read

Who Made Your Clothes?

Amidst what we are all dealing with regarding COVID-19, its easy to lose sight of other ongoing, important things in the world. 7 years ago, the Rana Plaza fire and factory collapse shone a light on the very real negative human impacts so common in garment supply chains.

In the wake of Rana Place, a coalition of organisations created The Fashion Transparency Index, which ranks 250 of the biggest global fashion brands & retailers according to their transparency about suppliers, supply chain practices, & social & environmental impact.

It is the first step in holding brands to account for the human rights and environmental impacts of their practices. The latest index has just been released https://www.fashionrevolution.org/about/transparency/

If you want to know #WhoMadeMyClothes? and learn more about the social, environmental and animal rights practices of garment brands around the world, we recommend you visit https://goodonyou.eco/ and use their Directory online or download their app for iOS or Android.

We are proud to have worked with and supported Good On You on their technology stack, digital products and hiring over the last couple of years.

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