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Every building is a classroom with Tugeda

We believe every building can be a place to learn. So, we created Tugeda – a way for building owners to connect with people providing education and training, across the Solomon Islands.

Tugeda is in pilot (and free to use) until July 2020. Get started at tugeda.space.

You'll be able to:

  • Find space for your next education or training event
  • Promote your own building for hire
  • Connect people with buildings you know about
  • Promote services (like internet or solar) that you can help provide

Head to tugeda.space to sign up or learn more.

Tugeda Screenshot

The information below is out-of-date (as of 19 March 2020). It's made available here for reference.

See an early demo version of the platform

To view an early stage demo of the platform click here.

You will be required to enter

  • Username - demo@commoncode.local
  • Password - demo

Note that data is for demonstration purposes only and not to be used for booking. Major additional feature not shown on the demo site is the ability to search and filter by building attributes (see example below)

Attributes filtering feature

Once Every Building Is A Classroom launches

Domestic and international education and training providers can discover and book appropriate facilities,

  • e.g. universities, NGOs delivering literacy workshops, Government providing health training

Relevant stakeholders such as domestic government (national and provincial), international donors and NGOs, local NGOs and the private sector can visualise and identify interventions to improve building and classroom infrastructure,

  • e.g. installation of toilets and running water, WiFi, electricity, accessibility ramps

The platform will also

  • List Service providers who can assist those booking and improving buildings with implementation, e.g. mobile electricity generation and WiFi units, accommodation, catering, transport
  • Generate new sources of income for building owners & operators

Join our pilot

We will be piloting the platform in 4 or 5 locations across the Solomon Islands between March to June 2020.

We are seeking a small group (5-7) of domestic and international education and training providers (especially those with programs for women and girls) and stakeholders (2-3) who are interested in improving infrastructure to participate in the pilot.

Email us here to express your interest ebiac@commoncode.io

List a building

If you know of non-residential buildings in the Solomon Islands that have spare capacity to be booked for education and training activities, we’d love to list them on the platform.

To submit a building for the platform, click here

Minimum info required is physical location (coordinates), address you'd give someone to find it, and a contact name and phone number to book the building.

Other ways to get involved

  • Talk to us about using the platform in Solomon Islands - or other countries in the Asia-Pacific - if your organisation delivers, supports or invests in:
    • Education and training activities, especially for women and girls;
    • Infrastructure projects including water and sanitation, disability access, energy, Internet
  • Invest with us in expanding the platform’s features and countries of operation
  • Talk to us about how we might work together on this or similar projects
  • Tell people about the Every Building Is A Classroom project
  • Connect with us on social media to hear more about the project and projects like this.

Technology For Development Challenge Winner

This project was one of 4 winners of the inaugural Australia Solomon Islands ‘Technology for Development Innovation Challenge’, run through DFAT’s Cyber Affairs department, in April 2019. See here for more information and background.

Common Code receives Technology for Development Challenge Award from Dr Tobias Feakin, The Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, in Honiara (April 2019)

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